Start by quickly identifying connectors, connectors, and terminals

Quickly distinguish connector, connector, terminal, start from TXGA three methods:

First, the concept of "connector", "connector", "terminal" three differences

1. Connector is a big category, domestic called connector, plug and socket, is a kind of components that electronic engineering and technical personnel often contact, most refers to electrical connectors, connect two electronic products with components, used to transmit current or signal.

2. Connector is a kind of positioning connector connecting electronic circuit, which is composed of two parts, namely plug-in and connector, generally can be completely separated, so connector can also be called connector.

3. Wiring terminal is used to achieve electrical connection of a kind of accessories, is to facilitate the connection of wire, it is in fact a section of sealed in the insulation plastic inside the metal sheet, both ends have holes, can be inserted into the wire, the wiring terminal can be divided into plug and dial terminal, European terminal terminal.

Ii. Distinguish the differences of "connector", "connector" and "terminal" from the attribution scope

1. "connector = connector" is the first major category, and the terminals are only one type of products in the "connector" category. Connector is the connection between wires; Connector is the connection between wire and board.

2. In electrician or electrical field: connector and connector are the same type of products. The popular understanding is that kind of does not need to use the tool, connects the male head one end and the female head connection one end, one inserts or a twist to rise may quickly connect the electronic components and so on. Terminal, commonly understood as the need to use some kind of tools, such as screwdriver, cold press pliers to connect two connection points together, are generally used for power input, output, etc.

3. The terminal is a part of the connector, connector is a general term, in fact, we commonly see the connector, usually including plastic shell and terminal two parts. Plastic shell is generally plastic, play a protective role; The terminals are generally metal and play a conducting role on both ends of the product.

4. Distinguish "connector", "connector" and "terminal" from practical application

1. Electrical connector for short, also called connector, is a subdivision of electronic components, mainly used in the connection between circuits. In the current electronic industry production, the connector line connection can be said to be everywhere, so the connector is very wide range of use, can be used in various industries indirectly.

2. There are many types of connectors, such as rectangular connector, TXGA circular connector, remo connector ladder connector and so on. Terminal row is a kind of connector, which generally belongs to rectangular connector. The range of use of terminal row is relatively single. It is generally applied in the field of electronics and electricity, and used for internal and external wiring of PCB, PCB and power distribution cabinet.

3. The range and variety of terminals are increasing. At present, the most widely used in addition to PCB board terminals, there are hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals and so on. In the power industry there are special terminal row, terminal box, above all is the wiring terminal, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage and so on.

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