Six development trends of connector in the future

In the continuous development of connector industry in the future, there may be the following six major development trends: high frequency and high speed connector technology, wireless transmission connector technology, smaller and more convenient connector technology, connector technology with higher accuracy and lower cost, smarter connector technology, and connector automation production technology. The details are as follows:

1. High frequency and high speed connector technology

In many 5G communication applications, connectors carry the important task of optical signal and electrical signal transformation. With the advent of the era of 5G Internet of everything, high data and high transmission requirements of 5G are bound to require performance upgrading of connectors, while high frequency and high speed characteristics have become new requirements.

2. Connector technology for wireless transmission

In the era of Internet of things, wireless technology will be everywhere. In addition to realizing contact connection as before, connector will also be a guarantee to ensure wireless transmission connection in many occasions such as industry and automobile in the future. After all, double protection is the safest.

3. Smaller and more convenient connector technology

Previous connectors were used for many contacts, and they filled many expansion card slots. Of course, in the 5G era, there may be dozens of connectors in a fiber-optic device, which requires smaller connectors for higher performance connections.

4. Connector technology with higher accuracy and lower cost

Due to the high safety requirements of automobiles, automobile connectors are a very large market. With the development of electric vehicles, connectors will have higher requirements on precision and cost, and they will be more popular than previous connectors.

5. Smarter connector technology

With the coming of the era of AI, connector may not only realize simple transmission function, in the future in switching power supply, in addition to ensuring the data of electrical signal, connector may perform simple intelligent judgment and protection, output correct data and avoid power supply damage, of course, this needs the support of IC technology.

6. Connector automation production technology

In the traditional connector design and production, labor is the main part, and with the development of industrial automation, especially the connector precision machining, abrasive tools and CAD, these advanced machines will become the main force of the industry.

Connector enterprises ushered in a new development opportunity

Connector, as a very basic electronic device, will bring new profit growth points to enterprises compared with the slowly growing application market such as computer and mobile devices, which are 5G communication, automobile and industrial markets respectively.

5G will be another key factor in the communication market explosion. Connectors carry the task of data connection between computers and terminals in communication. In data communication, wired and wireless communication coexist.

In automotive applications, connector is required for automotive entertainment system and electric system. In addition to data transmission between engine management system and equipment, connector is also required for on-board entertainment system and electronic equipment. Industrial connectors need stronger reliability and performance. With the construction of industrial Internet, stronger connectors are needed between industrial equipment and network. They have new requirements on the performance of connectors.

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