Several structure types of cable connectors cannot be mixed

The flat cable refers to the flexible soft flat cable, also known as ffc. It is arranged in parallel in a strip shape, which can be moved, bent and twisted without damaging the wire. The cable connection types include two-end plug-in type, one-end plug-in type and one-side welding type, and two-end welding type. Welded flat cables do not need flat cable connectors, but plug-in flat cables need flat cable connectors to help connect.

In response to different application requirements, the structure of the cable connector has also derived multiple styles. The same flat cable connector can not be mixed because of the different structure and shape. TXGA cable connector has abundant models and sufficient inventory. Order online and ship the same day. Enter [Product Center] and place an order immediately. The cable connectors on the market can be roughly divided into these structures:

(1) In-line ffc connector. Without any locks, it depends on the thickness of the plug-in end of the ffc flat cable and the gap of the ffc connector to achieve a standard fit to snap together. Usually the thickness of the cable plug-in end and the height of the gap of the ffc connector are 0.3mm, and the thickness of the plug-in end of the ffc flat cable can be made a little thicker, and there is a little interference fit when the cable is plugged into the connector. , Can connect more closely.

(2) The drawer lock is connected to/from the ffc connector. When installing the FFC flat cable with this structure, you need to pull out the ffc connector pull lock, insert the ffc flat cable into the slot of the connector, and then push the lock of the ffc connector to lock the row. Wire, through the lock structure to make the connection not easy to loosen.

(3) Flip lock ffc connector. Similar to the drawer lock ffc connector, in operation, you need to lift the flip cover of the ffc connector up, push the ffc flat copper wire plug end into the gap of the connector, and then push the lock of the ffc connector down Cover it, and a stable connection can also be achieved.

(4) Straight-through drawing ffc connector. The structure of this connector is a double-sided drawing lock, the method is the same as the drawer lock ffc connector, but it has a drawing lock on both sides, which means that both sides can be inserted into the ffc flat cable, which is equivalent to two ffc flat cables Connection bridge.

The above is the connection method of several ffc flat cable connectors common in the industry. The main difference lies in the type of connector lock.


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