The high-frequency connector is a key part of the data communication that affects the

High-frequency connectors generally refer to connectors used in circuits with operating frequencies above 100MHz. This kind of connector should consider the leakage and reflection of high frequency electric field in the structure. Therefore, the coaxial structure of the coaxial cable is generally used for connection, so it is often called a coaxial connector.

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Generally speaking, a high-frequency connector includes a plug and a socket, and a bolt or a magnet is used for mechanical connection between the plug and the socket. Thanks to superior mechanical stability and screw-type design, high-frequency connectors can provide excellent electrical performance, with excellent repeatability and excellent reliability. However, with the improvement of people's life rhythm and the increasing demand for rapid transmission of large amounts of data, traditional high-frequency connectors have been unable to meet market demand.

High-speed signal connector is a key part that affects the signal transmission quality of the entire system in telecommunications and data communication. Since high-frequency signals are easily interfered by surrounding environmental variables and lead to poor signals, how to stably transmit high-frequency signals has become a bottleneck in increasing the transmission rate. As a major challenge facing the electronics industry, the design of high-speed signal connectors has become one of the convergence points of high-speed circuit design and simulation technology.

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