The leaf spring pin has a huge market and is a very common connector accessory

It is well known that the pin jack is an important part of the electrical connector. The jacks can be divided into crown spring jacks, wire spring jacks, leaf spring jacks and claw spring jacks according to their usage and characteristics. Each jack has a corresponding pin. Among them, the leaf spring pin has a low cost, a wide range of applications, and a large market retention. It is a very common connector accessory. TXGA, a leaf spring pin manufacturer, has 15 years of experience in connector production and research and development, adheres to brand strategy, advanced storage, and considerate service. When you urgently need to buy a suitable leaf spring pin, don't forget TXGA. Enter [Product Center] to purchase immediately.

The leaf spring pin often does not directly make hard contact with the inner hole of the jack, but makes contact through the elastic structure in the inner hole of the jack. This structure will cause the pin to press the contact piece during insertion, so that a long-term contact force is generated between the pin and the inner hole wall of the socket, thereby ensuring the durability and reliability of the electrical connection between the pin and the socket. The leaf spring jack is integrally formed by a metal flat plate, and the shape is a round cage-like cylindrical body, including a circular contact ring at both ends and a grid connecting the two ends. Installed in the inner hole of the circular jack. The circular contact ring makes fixed contact with the inner hole wall of the jack, and the grid bar contacts the pin when it is inserted.

The leaf spring jack is the lowest-cost type among many types of jacks, and is suitable for consumer product connectors that have low requirements and low requirements for insertion force, overcurrent and resistance. The advantages are low cost, simple structure, and suitable for mass production. Corresponding leaf spring pins have also been widely used.

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